Over the period of more than 6 years, Syed has created/written more than 300 articles in the field of Social Media (his main interest), Cloud, IT Operational Analytics (that his current employer is into) etc.

Out of that long list, here're few of his content work to refer as below:

1. 5 Ways Social Analytics is Always Different -

2. Analytics or Angelina Jolie? Who would you date? -

3. Social Media and Its Effect on Children: The Interception -

4. Social Media and Child Safety Issue: Who should be held responsible? -

5. 5 Predictions for Social Media in 2014 -

6. Micro-Social Networking: The Future of Social Media? -

7. Social Media Gamification: Should You Play -

8. Twitter Competitive Analysis: Beginner’s Guide -

9. The Process of Creating a Social Media Policy -

10. Social Media Policy: Setting Up the Appropriate Model -

11. Social Media and the Crowdsourcing: Applicability & Effectiveness So Far -

12. Social Media and Crowdsourcing: Cons -

13. 6 of the Best Social Media Campaigns Ever -

14. Articles in Evolven Blog

15. 5 of the Best Social Media Marketing Tips -


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